Wearables are only half the story

Health tracking apps and gadgets tell you how far you've moved or how well you've slept, but not necessarily ‘why’ and how each impacts each other. Meet the brand new Addapp.

Addapp, an iOS app that gives you personalized actionable health and well-being insights, launches its first major update since its soft launch late last year. The app analyzes data from all the health tracking apps and devices people use day-to-day to provide actionable insights. Addapp features a new design and significantly improved personal insights, making it the best way for people to use their own data to improve their life.

The story of Addapp begins with Kouris Kalligas, the company’s CEO and Founder, who spent more time (and money!) than most on trying different wearable devices and apps in a bid to improve his health.

Using complex spreadsheets, he aimed to track health-related metrics in a bid to find useful correlations and context that would help him improve his health. How was his diet affecting his sleep? How was his activity affecting his mood? It was quickly apparent that this was too much work and a spreadsheet was definitely not the best solution. Enter Addapp.

Kalligas founded Addapp to help solve the problem of so much interesting data and too little context. Addapp gives users context to the data generated by wearable devices and provides a simpler way to make sense of all the information. Since its soft launch last year, the app has amassed 12,000 users and delivers nearly 25,000 personalized insights each day across its user base. The soft launch allowed Addapp to speak with early adopters, gain feedback and really understand what motivates people to track their well-being.

Today Addapp opens to the masses with a brand new look and a heap of new features to help users make more of the data they put in.

The new Addapp provides smarter, more personalized insights for people based on their wearable and tracking data. As well as delivering insights based on data correlations  - how your sleep affects running, for example  - the new version of Addapp will now monitor behaviour changes visible in your data, too. So if your activity levels have dropped or you’ve started sleeping less, Addapp will tell you and help you get back on track.

The new release also allows users to take action on the relationships Addapp discovers in their data. This could mean setting reminders to go for a run or get outside and walk. Or if you’re an avid cyclist, Addapp may recommend other apps to help you get the most of out of your cycling. And if someone is using a wearable everyday, Addapp may even prompt them to set a reminder to charge their battery, so they don't miss out on a day's data.

The Addapp iOS app is accompanied by an Apple Watch companion app that allows users to see and interact with their insights on their Watch device.

Addapp Integrates directly with a number of tracking apps and wearables including: Apple Health, Jawbone UP, Fitbit, RunKeeper, Strava, Misfit, MapMyRun, Withings and Under Armour Connected Fitness.

Through Apple Health, Addapp integrates with many more apps including: MyFitnessPal, Human, Endomondo, Nike+ Running, Runmeter and Wahoo Fitness.

"The real problem is that the data generated from wearables and tracking apps only tell half the story. You can see how far you move and how well you slept, but the next step in the evolution of wearables and personal data is to help you understand why." Kouris Kalligas
"People who use any tracking device, app or wearable usually have a lot of personal fitness and well-being data available, but they do not have a clear path to turn that data into anything understandable and actionable. Our mission is to enable individuals to focus on improving their well-being by providing new actionable, meaningful insights into the data already being produced." Kouris Kalligas
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About Addapp

Addapp was born out of a need to create context in the ever-evolving world of wearable technology and tracking. When you connect your favorite wearables and tracking devices to Addapp, we help you discover what makes you tick and understand the data from your day-to-day life.

To those who want to be their best selves: Addapp salutes you. We want to help you discover what makes you tick so you can maximize every moment, commit to challenges and pursue passions, no matter what obstacles are in the way. Whether you want to run your first 5K, sleep all night long or be happier, we have your back.

When you connect your favorite devices to Addapp, we help you to understand the data from your day-to-day on a deeper level through regular insights that you can turn into action. How's your day going, and where do you want to go? Addapp can help you to connect the dots toward your activity and nutrition goals and overall well-being.